Jordan Malkov

Robert Mirque is extremely professional, helpful, and friendly. I’ve had a great experience with him. My husband and I had some questions that needed to be answered about the immigration process and Robert was quick to respond and gave very useful advice! I’d highly recommend Robert Mirque to anyone who[…]

Vikrant K.

Great person and great attorney. Robert has been very helpful throughout the whole process and made it easy and less stressful to me. There are tons of immigration attorneys and many times they don’t deal with you personally and have their assistant or para-legal deal with you but, this is[…]

Eric S.

When you go to speak with an immigration attorney you often don’t know what to expect. Will they give you just enough information to be able to bill you? Will it be difficult to explain a complex situation? Will they have all the answers to your questions? In this case[…]

Patrick C.

Robert did a fantastic job for me and my family. The process to get a fiancé visa for my wife and her child, then to get Permanent Residence status for them went very smooth. Robert is thorough and he makes sure you have all of the proper documentation to make[…]

Jennifer B.

Robert is a fantastic immigration lawyer. We asked him to help us when we received a request for evidence regarding our I-751 petition to Remove Conditions of Residence. This was a bit stressful, but Robert was great at explaining everything that we needed to collect and how to put it[…]