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USCIS Expands Premium Processing Service to E-3 Petitioners

On February 24, 2021, the USCIS announced that it would expand premium processing services to include change of status or extension of status petitions for E-3 nonimmigrant visa classification for Australian nationals. This expansion of the premium processing option is effective immediately.

Classification for E-3 nonimmigrant visa status applies only to Australian nationals who:

  • have a legitimate offer of employment in the United States;
  • possess the necessary academic or other qualifying credentials; and
  • will fill a position that qualifies as a specialty occupation.

The USCIS’s premium processing service allows petitioners to pay an additional filing fee for expedited processing. Presently, the USCIS will guarantee processing of a petition within 15 calendar days for petitioners who pay for the premium processing service. If an adjudication is not made within 15 calendar days, USCIS will refund the premium processing service fee and will continue processing the case on an expedited basis. The announcement can be found at the USCIS here.

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